While putting together a list of topics we thought we should write about, this one came to us as a no-brainer. Three reasons why we love to live in Grove City.. no problem. Well, no problem until we tried to agree on just 3 reasons. While we all liked each other's list, we realized we were all coming at it from different directions. We all live and work here but our years of residency are very different. We have some lifelong Greyhounds, some who have moved away… and came back, and some who grew up elsewhere only to adopt Grove City as our hometown. Quickly, our simple little list of Grove City assets became five completely separate thoughts. So here you go… 5 different perspectives on why The Parrett Group loves to live in Grove City!

Grove City: My Hometown | Connie Parrett

Old & New | Billy Wemlinger

Small Town. Big City. | Roger Dearwester

Family Traditions | Kim Wemlinger

Why I Love Grove City | Angie Parrett Wemlinger

These are just a few reasons why the Grove City real estate market has remained relatively stable even through the recent bubble and why Grove City has been a leader for new build home construction over the past decade or so. Once you experience everything this community has to offer… you never want to leave.