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Should I Wait Until Spring to Sell my House?

Billy Wemlinger

Billy Wemlinger has been licensed since 2004. He oversees the marketing of all Parrett Group listings as well as their online and offline presence. In.

Billy Wemlinger has been licensed since 2004. He oversees the marketing of all Parrett Group listings as well as their online and offline presence. In.

Jan 24 3 minutes read

"We're going to wait for Spring before we list our home" – It's an unfortunate phrase we hear over and over, but there are some pretty valid reasons for this common delay…

  • Spring has traditionally been a strong market for buyers.
  • Things get a little crazy during the holidays.
  • People don't like dealing with bad weather.
  • There have traditionally been fewer showings in the winter.

… but we're here to tell you that times have changed and there are some pretty nice advantages to listing at this time of the year. The biggest advantage is that while most of your competition is waiting for the spring market, buyers are still out there waiting for new listings. How do we know that?

In the past month and a half (Oct. 1 – Nov. 18), we've closed 17 transactions and put another 14 into contract. Included among those numbers is the fact that of our last 6 listings, 5 of them went into contract in less than a month and 4 of those lasted less than a week. Not exactly the types of numbers you expect to see in November, right?

Why do we think this is the case? Housing inventory has been low all year and now with sellers "waiting for the spring market", it's even lower. It seems buyers have come to realize that market dynamics have changed and they are more likely to act immediately when they see something they like. Some of these buyers have probably been looking since summer (maybe losing out on a bid or two) and understand the importance of putting their best foot forward when writing an offer.

Sure it can be a little more of a hassle to deal with during the holidays but it could also make the difference in whether or not your home actually sells. And with our marketing plan, our sellers usually have to deal with fewer "live" showings before getting their contract. Between the professional photography, detailed descriptions, custom movies, and online marketing we do, the Lookie Loos don't have to bother you with an appointment if they aren't considering your home. When someone schedules a showing on one of our listings, it's like coming back for a 2nd time.

If you're lucky enough, you might even get a contract before the buyer actually steps inside of your home. We've received more than one offer this year from buyers who had only seen the homes on our website! That's why it's okay if buyers have to dodge turkey decorations or duck under the mistletoe because we can make your home look its best online. Buyers today usually look at a home online multiple times versus walking thru once or twice. They'll remember what your photos and video looked like without the decorations.

So if you're thinking of listing your home this spring, consider moving up your timeline and contact us to schedule your appointment. We think it's a perfect time to sell… and according to this article, we're not the only ones.

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