Professional Photography

The photos of your home can make or break your selling success. Leave it to our hand-picked professionals.

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Expert Knowledge

We have a few DLSR cameras and some smartphones with amazing photographic technology built right into them. But what we don't have is the extensive knowledge and training that is required to call ourselves experts in that field. That's why we partnered with photographers who are... and it makes all the difference in the world.

Consistent Quality

For us, deciding to hire a professional photographer was just the first step. The next step was determining which professional was the right one. That's why, since 2010, only three companies have been hired to shoot our listings. We believe our clients deserve the best, so we only hire the best.

The Proof

We've seen the positive effects of professional photography many times. Here are a few real-life examples:


This home was on the market for more than a year without professional photography.

We took the listing over, brought in our photographer and videographer, and sold the home quickly.

The buyers told us they saw the online listing with the first agent but had no interest in seeing it at that time. After seeing our photos and video, they fell in love.


We took over the listing of this home after the sellers had no success with agent-taken photos.

We sold the home the first day we listed it.

The buyers told us they remembered seeing the previous photos and couldn't believe it was the same house they initially passed up scheduling a showing on.


This home was listed with two different agents and also as a for-sale-by-owner over the course of two years.

We listed the home with our photography, video, and 3D tour and sold the home in less than a month.


This home had more showings in the first week that we had it listed than it did in the entire six months it was listed before us.

That agent told them they didn't need professional photography.

See for Yourself


Highlight the beauty of your home with high-quality video.

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