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The Parrett Group is currently searching for a few good agents.

If you believe...

  • there is always a better way to help your clients
  • your values are a match for our culture
  • you could benefit from a positive team atmosphere

...then we should meet.

Contact us today.

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All discussions are confidential.

What can you expect from The Parrett Group?

We have no doubt, each member of our team would be a highly successful Realtor if they worked as individual agents.

So why do they choose to be a part of our team?

Because they know that they can be even more successful together.

We will always strive to provide value to our agents and a few of the items that they currently enjoy help with are:.


  • Design
  • Management
  • Costs


  • Seller/Buyer leads
  • Prospecting help
  • Team ISA


  • Support
  • Advice
  • Systems


  • Team atmosphere
  • Coaching
  • Community support

We'll make sure that your Sellers LOVE you...

Exceed Expectations

The best way to win listings is to do a GREAT job with the ones you already have.

Digital Advertising

We'll get your listing delivered to tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of people.

Custom Websites

We have a process for creating custom websites for each of our listings.

Consistent Service

To provide consistently great service, you need a repeatable system in place. We have that.

... so you can earn your full commission.

The commission you charge is only an issue in the absence of value.

We'll help you provide overwhelming value so you won't have to reduce your commission just to compete with other agents.

We believe that when we focus on creating wins for clients, you'll win as an agent too.

Are we a fit?

Tell us your goals and let's see if we can help you meet them.

Talks can be formal or informal.

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What will be expected of you?

There is a collection of values that we expect to be present in each and every action made by the members of our team.

For example, each agent on the team must commit to support at least 3 local organizations.

We are protective of this culture so please give it a read before requesting a meeting.

Our Culture Code

Be great today and better tomorrow.

There is strength in numbers.

Step into appointments with confidence because you have the support of an entire team of successful agents behind you.

You'll discover the power behind using the word "we" instead of "I".


2,000+ Homes Sold


100+ 5-Star Reviews


Top 1% of Realtors


Widely Recognized


Licensed since 1978

Please feel free to contact anyone here to ask them about their personal experiences within the team.

They have all been instructed to answer your questions honestly and candidly... and to keep your inquiries confidential.

Contact us today.

Call/Text: (614) 361-4018
Email: [email protected]

All inquiries will remain confidential.

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